"The ego seeks to divide and separate. Spirit seeks to unify and heal."
— Pema Chodron (via occult101)

Beautiful words.

"Love brings you full circle. And it will always lead you home if you keep going."
— Laura Rosell


wow i really like this song i think i’m gonna listen to it 1 maybe 60 more times




We are sparks off of the source of all that is that what we call god, we are not separate souls, but branches of the whole, the source.

When we look at a tree, we know that the branches are not separate trees, but part of the whole.

So that means that we are a singular aware entity imagining all that is, in all dimensions and realities. just like we run scenario’s in our minds for every possible out come. And we are not in some heaven place, or some hell place. Because there is no space or time. We are just an aware entity that is mediating every thing. All realties and dimensions every were.

In our christian bible, god speaks from a burning bush, to Moses, and says that our name is, What is. That is saying the true reality of all that is, is right there. Right in front of us. No parables, or indirect ways of saying it. But direct, right in front of us in plan language that we can understand. 

Now to travel to the source and return from where we came. We have to understand how each branch works before we can pass through it. Because if we don’t understand the branch then we just don’t see it, so we can go no further until we do.

That is why it is good to read every thing metaphysical and spiritual even though we don’t agree with it. That is the only way to learn.


Saw this post and thought it offered a series of concrete metaphors for helping to conceptualize the cosmic Oneness.  Very  cool!  I’ve thought of / felt the universe like this too, like one vast consciousness exploring ALL possible outcomes at one time in a simulation, a big mental exercise driven by a Source — an underlying reality — that is pure love.  (The tree image as a visual metaphor really works!)

One thing I was reflecting on though is how the piece ends with a suggestion to explore different ways of thinking, even if you don’t agree with them.  I’m of two minds regarding this and felt like they were worth exploring here:  I do agree that it is important to make attempts at empathizing and understanding our fellow human beings.  Of course, you never HAVE to assimilate or immerse yourself in thought-energies that make you uncomfortable — let your intuition guide you as to what is and is not “worth” digesting (in other words, in your personal experience, use YOUR energies for whatever tasks — physical, emotional, or intellectual — YOU see fit; this is part of exercising your personal power).  But to whatever extent that you want to make yourself aware of how others conceptualize the “truth,” you are learning more about your fellow man.  Always a good thing to know our fellow man more deeply and lovingly!  :)

However, remember this as well:  your time here is yours (as much as anything we experience here on this Earth “belongs” to us).  You are under no obligation to invest your time into exploring philosophies that don’t sit right with you, any more than you are under obligation to pursue lifestyles or relationships (of any type) that don’t sit right with you.  After all, the universe does not demand that YOU, personally — as but one finite experience of being — explore and experience everything all in one incarnation.

Why not?

Because it is already exploring The All of What Is by being already manifest in everyone and everything “else” by way of the experiences those beings are living.

At the end of the day, the sum total of all does get to experience The All.  And we all end up back at the Source.

We have never left it.


Fun food for thought.

This song is speaking to me so much right now, down to my bones.

Days ago, while writing that “Signs” post, I wrote to the friend who recommended “Heartlines,” to thank him for it and let him know how much it meant to me. He just replied tonight:

"It’s so funny you sent this. I’ve been listening to ‘Heartlines’ on repeat here lately. And I’m really glad you dig it still!"

Wow. It’s just a “Heartlines” kinda time.

Can’t go wrong following your heartlines, people. When you’re in your heart, you’re right at the center of all of creation. The place where all the veins meet, where all that’s life-sustaining circulates and makes possible existence itself.


There is an old story about a guy on the streets of New York City selling tiger prevention rocks. A tourist came up to him and asked “do they work” and the salesman said “of course they do, you don’t see any tigers around here do you?”

Human beings have a strange tendency to think that worry…

anga-hith — Please, don’t think of me as having “infinite wisdom!”  I’m just like everybody else!  I just try to speak from my heart.  And everyone’s heart is pure gold.

I think that’s kind of the point of the “Heartlines” song; everyone can do FANTASTICALLY, if they just keep tuning in and listening to what their heart is trying to say.



It is

Always.  Reblogging.


It is

Always. Reblogging.

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