Meaningful “coincidences” happen.  Yes, you can experience more of them.  Here are some tips on how to make that happen, followed by additional tips for managing them, if things end up getting overwhelming or vexing in any way:

  • Read about and listen to others’ stories of synchronicities.  It’ll open up your mind regarding how “possible” they are, as well as to the vast range of ways in which these might manifest.  This post explains why this works.  (Believe me, synchronicities, can get trippy.  As in, synchronicities can become astoundingly multi-layered, complete with foreshadowing, echoes, and huge leaps across time and space.  They can also intertwine.  That is, threads of seemingly unrelated synchronicity “themes” may eventually start weaving together.  It’s beyond-imagination-amazing when this happens.  Really humbling.  Teaches you a lot about how big/small you are in the greater scheme of things and how perfectly everything is arranged.  But I’m getting way ahead of things here.  Let’s go back to some basic tips!…)

  • When you experience them in your own life, pay attention.  Write or talk about them even, if you want.  You’ll just reinforce whatever energy is bringing them.  Sometimes, the very conversations you have about them even open up the doors to further synchronicities down the line.  However much you think / speak / write about them is up to you; it’s the “paying attention” part that is probably the only truly vital response in most cases.

    Why is paying attention so important?  Because receiving synchronistic messages from the Universe can be a mutually reinforcing process, just like any other dialogue.  One side speaks; the other acknowledges the message, pauses to reflect on it, maybe asks for clarification; and it continues.

    On the other hand, if somebody tried talking to you and you consistently blew them off… they’d probably go silent, no?  Life is a conversation with the cosmos.  PARTICIPATE.  It’s not going to get pissed off at you (You are SO loved, unconditionally!), but it will probably just stop talking after a certain point and let you go about things as you were going about them before; that is, you had been going about your business without heeding such input.  It’s not going to override your free will.  :)

  • If you are dismissing all of the “coincidences” that it has designed for you, and yet it keeps delivering similar ones anyway, then this is a clear sign that its message is very important.  Return to the point directly above for suggestions on how to proceed.  ;)

  • By all means, ALWAYS follow your own intuition.  No matter how clear you think the sign is, or where you think it’s coming from, if something about what it seems to suggest just doesn’t sit right with you, you are free to dismiss it.  You are ALWAYS free to dismiss it.  But when I say, “if it doesn’t sit right,” please be very clear that there is a difference between thinking, "This feels all wrong; I get a feeling of dread when I think about following up on this sign" and thinking, "I can’t imagine how this could possibly be true, but whatever this sign seems to be suggesting is actually something that would make me extremely happy."  The former is the one you probably want to dismiss; the latter is the one you just might want to consider.
  • Say “thank you” to whatever energy is presenting you with these everyday miracles.  Let “it” know that you are enjoying and appreciating the good-natured jokes, the symbolic pep talks, etc.

  • LAUGH.  I repeat, when they are funny, LAUGH AT THEM!  The energy of joy is powerful.

  • Don’t try to determine ahead of time what your synchronicities are going to look like or sound like, where you’ll find them, or who is going to bring them to you (if anyone).  Believe me, the Universe is capable of — and seems to prefer — orchestrating synchronicities that are beyond your wildest imagination.  It’s much more imaginative and resourceful than you are, so you might as well leave the details up to the invisible, and then sit back and enjoy the show.  :)

  • If you notice certain synchronicities that seem insistent but aren’t making a whole lot of sense, you can ask for clarification.  That is, you can ask for another “sign” that sheds light on what the ambiguous (or completely inscrutable) ones mean.  Remember, signs are a language, and you can treat this like a conversation.

  • If you still don’t get any answer that makes sense to you, don’t knock your intuition!  Consider that perhaps the Universe was giving you some important information way in advance.  Sort of like a sign you might be needing in the future, which you would be more likely to trust only if it had come during a different era in your life.  Why would this be the case?  It’s easy to doubt the significance of synchronicities that seem to speak to what is going on at that moment, if whatever is going on at that moment is emotionally powerful.  This is because so many of us are prone to the assumption that we are engaging in “wishful thinking.”  But, no, sometimes the voice of “wishful thinking” is actually your intuition talking, and it’s trying to tell you that you’re right.

  • On a related note, if you receive a “sign” that you can’t do anything about, or that you still absolutely don’t understand, but it just keeps coming, consider that it is, perhaps just very important.  Maybe you don’t need to do anything about it now but the Universe is just trying very hard to make SURE that you notice — and that you continue to notice — so that don’t forget about it.  It will remind you, and it will give you more information to help you make sense of the original “signs,” whenever it’s “showtime.”

  • Pray, or set some firm intention to make sure that whatever is planting messages in your physical environment only be planting messages of highest truth, in the interests of the highest good.  Intend that you will allow such permission only to the very most positive forces.  You have no reason or obligation to deal with or to welcome into your life anything dishonest or anything unkind or anything with ulterior motives.  Ever.  Under any circumstances.  Yes, you really can choose to receive messages from nobody less than the best.  :)

  • If you do happen to become concerned that something out there is trying to trick you, obscure your clarity, or play with your peace of mind, you are allowed to ask that the synchronicities stop.  Or to tell them to stop.  What might this intention look like?  One time, I prayed something along the lines of:

    "If somebody is sending me signs here just to mess with me, I insist that it stop right now, and I pray for protection that nothing be able to send me red herrings.  Furthermore, even if it’s a kind and loving energy that is sending me these signs, it’s becoming too difficult to have to see them constantly, so unless something about this situation can and WILL improve, then please stop sending the signs to me.  Because I’ve learned all I could from this, pretty much, and I don’t need to keep being reminded of it.  If, on the other hand though, they are not just random reminders, but signposts leading me somewhere that is truly for the highest good, then please send me an unmistakable sign that I have been interpreting this correctly.  A sign very different from the usual types, one I couldn’t possibly have imagined, one that couldn’t possibly be construed as a matter of selective interpretation."

    You can go with a prayer like that.  And say what you really, truly mean.  IT WORKS.  What happened when I said that prayer?  I got my confirmatory sign hardly more than 24 hours later.  It was so unmistakable and unimaginable that, when I got it, I was trembling.

The Universe is capable of doing extraordinary things to try to talk to you.  Yes — you.  Because it would LOVE to talk to you.

Because you matter.  More than you know.

Peace and love, everybody!

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